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The Samsung Galaxy S5 launch didn’t lead the charge and the Android hardware ecosystem looks stumped

Samsung Galaxy S5

The biggest takeaway from the Mobile World Congress powwow was that hardware innovation has stalled, Android smartphones are a dime a dozen and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 may barely be evolutionary.

All of those tidbits could add up to nice gains for Apple’s iPhone franchise, which will likely include larger screen sizes in the near future.

On Monday, Cannaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley upped his price target and earnings forecast for Apple largely based on a so-so Android lineup. He said:

Given the lack of differentiated Android smartphones, we believe Apple could gain market share of the high-end smartphone and tablet markets during 2H/2014 based on our belief new iPhones and iPads with larger screen sizes could create a strong upgrade cycle among Apple’s loyal base. In fact, our February wireless store surveys indicated the iPhone 5s was still the most aspirational smartphone and the top selling device in the U.S. and in many international markets despite seasonally slower sales trends.

As I noted before, the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch fell flat. Sure, Samsung will sell a nice amount of units as folks upgrade from Galaxy S3, but there’s nothing to salivate over. Samsung’s biggest advantage is screen size and if Apple can close that gap then the game changes dramatically. The fact that Korean financial analysts haven’t said much about the Galaxy S5 is telling. These analysts gushed over the S4. If the cheerleaders don’t have anything nice to say they apparently stay quiet.

Source: Associated Press


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