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are you ready for $99 tablet?? Intel is ready to put preasure on competition

Intel-8-Series-ChipsetIntel chief executive Brian Krzanich says that he expects OEMs to push prices down over the coming weeks, and that this will result in $99 tablets, $299 Haswell laptops, and $349 2-in-1 hybrid tablets and notebooks.

Speaking during a conference call yesterday, Krzanich told analysts that touchscreen-based notebooks based on the company’s new Haswell processors will be at the heart of this year’s holiday PC line up

Intel is pinning a lot of hopes on its Haswell silicon, and that the 50 percent better battery life offered by the chips, combined with double the graphics power will tempt buyers away from spending their money on Android and iOS tablets and instead encourage them to give the PC a second chance.

For devices build around the Bay Trail silicon, Krzanich believes that there will be eight to 10 clamshell models available at the $299 price point.

These are the sorts of price points that will put pressure on the Android tablet market (it could be bad timing for Amazon and it’s new Kindle Fire HDX tablet), and could even start to cannibalize Apple, especially at the lower end of the iPad line. It could also be bad new for Microsoft and its new Surface 2 tablets.

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Source: Associated Press

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