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Lavabit’s data recovery is slated to begin on Friday, October 18

Email provider Lavabit shut down in August due to government pressure in the wake the Edward Snowden leaks, but it is apparently re-opening — for a little while.

A press release issued by Lavabit indicates that there’s a two-step process, with step one giving users a chance to change their password (which started at 8PM ET tonight). Step two kicks in on October 17th or 18th and will let users download an archive of their stored messages and personal account data.

“If users are indeed concerned that their account information has been compromised, this will allow them to change their account password on a website with a newly secured SSL key,” Lavabit said in a statement.

The new SSL key for the data retrieval period is of particularly crucial note. In early August, a court compelled Lavabit founder Ladar Levison to hand over the company’s SSL keys, according to a recent report in The New Yorker. Levison originally resisted this request, believing that handing over Lavabit’s SSL keys would open up a “profound exploitation of his service’s communications,” the report said. Soon after surrendering the SSL keys Levison shut down Lavabit.

User’s accounts should be secure under a new key after their passwords are reset, not to mention the bonus of having access to their data again. If you had an account, it’s accessible at

Source: Associated Press


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