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Someday very soon, you’ll carry three computing/communications devices: a phone, a mini tablet, and a super tablet. Each has its purpose and a form factor that’s just right for the job.

The Phone

We all agreed that phones won’t go away nor will you ever be able to do any real computing on one. Texting, calling, light Internet browsing, email reading, video shooting, photo taking, and music listening, are what phones will be doing from now on. Phones, or rather smartphones, are toys/telecommunications devices that we love. They’re lightweight and powerful but their small size limits their usefulness for higher level jobs.

The Small Tablet

The small form factor tablet is small enough to fit in a purse, a jacket pocket, a backpack, or even inside your laptop case. Sure, the regular iPad is small enough for a backpack or a laptop case but its larger size and awkward handling make it a less likely constant companion.

The small tablet is large enough for some light tasks such as composing email messages, watching videos, composing short documents, reading books, and so on. But it’s small enough to be pleasant to use over a longer period of time.

The Super Tablet

The super tablet is portable enough to go anywhere but robust enough to do anything that you can do on a standard laptop or ultrabook computer.

We can call the Microsoft Surface a super tablet because it’s more than an iPad-type device but less than a full-sized laptop. Laptops are bulky, often heavy, short on battery life—so you always need to be aware and in search of an electric outlet for power. The Surface has a keyboard, a prop, a USB connector for an external disk, and real applications that you can use for a prolonged period of time.

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Source: Associated Press


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