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Google Wallet relaunch without carrier restriction and expansion from Android to the iPhone

google wallet

Today, Google rolled out Wallet for the iPhone and it can be installed on iOS 6 and higher devices. The pay by email, loyalty and reward card integration, and Google Offers are all supported by this iPhone application. Without NFC, tap-to-pay is obviously not supported.

Carriers restricted Google Wallet installation and use on Android with statements about security and reasons likely also tied to other partnerships. The new Android version is available in the US for Android 2.3 and higher devices.

With this new version you can use it like PayPal and send money to anyone with an email address. It is free to send money from your Google Wallet balance or associated bank account, but there are fees (2.9 percent or 30 cents minimum, in most cases) for credit cards.

You can also continue to use Google Wallet via NFC like you did before at the thousands of locations around the US, but carriers are no longer blocking its usage.

Isis is another mobile payment system in development with support by carriers, but it is in limited testing areas. Microsoft and Apple have failed to generate too much interest in their OS-based wallet apps because the usability is limited and setup is not as friendly as it could be.

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