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iPhone is losing dominance indicate smartphone trends


Analyst reports yesterday confirm a trend that has been long-recognized: Android phones are gaining smartphone market share rapidly. The days of this gain coming at the expense of BlackBerry and other lesser brands are over, since they’re all small potatoes, so it’s coming at the expense of the iPhone.

We know a few things about these market trends: The iPhone still seems to be dominant in wealthier areas, while Android is the new norm among the more common folk, and especially in emerging markets where BlackBerry was once the norm.

But there’s more to it than income. This past Sunday I made a trip by train into Manhattan and visited the Lower East Side. I always look at the phones people are using. Counting Penn Station, the Lower East Side and the subways in-between, I saw about 10 iPhones for every one of something else. You can’t really tell just by looking, but few of these people appeared wealthy. It’s my experience that San Francisco is similarly iPhone-heavy.

There are plenty of high-end, expensive Android phones that cost as much as an iPhone, but in macro sense what sticks out about Android is that you can get dirt-cheap phones running it. And yet, there’s something in the local culture (or maybe the water?) of Manhattan that drives even starving artists to the iPhone.

There can’t be any better word for it than ‘fashion’. Let’s face it: Residents in Manhattan and San Francisco are used to overpaying for things for the privilege of being where it’s at. The iPhone is just part of the uniform.

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Source: Associated Press


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