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Hulu Plus and HBO Go will soon join Google Chromecast team


Google‘s Chromecast already supports Netflix and YouTube, but soon it could also gain access to Hulu Plus and HBO Go.

Hulu’s Meredith Kendall told Variety that Hulu is “actively working with Google to bring Hulu Plus to the platform.”

This follows reports that HBO Go is also headed to the device. HBO’s Laura Young told Mashable, “We’re actively exploring supporting Chromecast […] but we can’t comment on specific plans regarding timing.”

Google’s $35 Chromecast sold out almost immediately. So far, consumers have responded positively to the device that makes it easy to “fling” content from an Android or iOS smartphone.

Meanwhile, developers are already working on ways to allow Android smartphones to send local video files directly to Chromecast, which you currently can’t officially do with the device.

Unfortunately, the terms of the Chromecast SDK are such that Google must approve all apps that interact with the device.

Last week, we argued that the ultimate success of the Chromecast would depend on the amount of available content. If Chromecast can get HBO Go and Hulu Plus off the bat, it bodes very well for future of the device and its underlying platform.

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Source: Associated Press




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