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Should Microsoft Release Office For The iPad? Why not


Microsoft finally brought Office to iOS. Make no mistake: Its goal is to sell Office 365, not help Apple users. As long as Windows 8 struggles, don’t expect to see Office on iPad.

Earlier this year, a number of analysts declared that Microsoft could reap billions by releasing Office for iOS. Make no mistake, the version of Office for iPhone that Redmond released recently is not what those analysts were talking about.

That’s not to say the company won’t make a lot of money due to the new offering, or to suggest the iOS apps won’t be useful. But Office Mobile for iPhone is exactly that — a product tailored specifically to the iPhone. When tech commentators talk about Office’s potential on iOS, iPad support is a big part of the equation. Unfortunately for many Apple customers, Microsoft is unlikely to make that move any time soon.

The reason? Office Mobile — which includes versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint — isn’t really about helping iOS users. Many of these users will certainly benefit from the apps, but that’s incidental to Microsoft’s real goal: pushing Office 365 subscriptions.

Office 365 has been one of Microsoft’s biggest success stories over the last year. To many businesses, its cloud-based approach, which includes up to five machines on a single license, is more agile and easily managed than alternatives. For a number of scenarios, such as workflows that involve multiple devices per employee, Office 365 is also cheaper. To businesses that are already invested in the product, or that were on the fence about signing up, Office Mobile for iPhone only sweetens the deal.

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Source: Associated Press.


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