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Google revealed its financials for the second quarter of 2013


The Internet giant reported a second quarter net income of $3.23 billion with earnings of $9.54 per share. Non-GAAP earnings were $9.56 per share on a consolidated revenue of $14.11 billion, up 19 percent annually.

But traffic acquisition costs rounded out to $3.01 billion, or 25 percent of advertising revenues.

Thus, revenue minus TAC was $11.1 billion.

But Wall Street was looking for earnings of roughly $10.78 per share on a revenue of $14.42 billion.

Google asserted that Q2 revenue would have been $177 million higher if “foreign exchange rates remained constant from the first quarter of 2013 through the second quarter of 2013.”

For the third quarter, Wall Street is expecting Google to deliver a revenue of $15.03 billion with earnings of $11.11 per share.

Google did not provide third quarter guidance in its earnings report published after the bell on Thursday, but it is expected to be revealed during the conference call with analysts and investors at 1:30PM PT/4:30PM PT.

Here are some of the big numbers to know from Google’s Q3:

  • The employee count has shifted now that Motorola Home is gone: On a worldwide basis, Google employed 44,777 full-time employees (40,178 in Google and 4,599 in Motorola Mobile) as of June 30. That’s compared to 53,891 full-time employees (38,739 in Google, 9,982 Motorola Mobile, and 5,170 Motorola Home) as of March 31.
  • Motorola posted a net operating loss $218 million, or -22 percent of Motorola Mobile revenues. That’s steeper than the loss of $49 million, or minus six percent of Motorola Mobile revenues during the second quarter of 2012.
  • The international revenue contribution remained flat on a quarterly basis as revenues from outside of the United States totaled $7.2 billion, or 55 percent of total Google revenues in Q2.
  • Google has activated more than 900 million Android devices to-date with 1.5 million more everyday.
  • Chrome has 750 million users worldwide and growing.
  • Advertisers have upgraded more than 600 million campaigns amid biggest change ever to AdWords.
  • Google Play has seen 15 billion app downloads.

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Source: Associated Press


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