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T-Mobile CEO: Customers Pay More, Get Less With AT&T Next


T-Mobile chief executive officer John Legere has publicly condemned AT&T Next, calling the new service “smoke and mirrors,” “a poor copycat,” and warning potential subscribers that the carrier charges more and offers less than T-Mobile’s similar plan, Jump.

The comments come just one day after the news of AT&T Next surfaced online. As a reminder, the service promises to allow subscribers to change smartphones or tablets every year, by enrolling customers in a monthly payments scheme which can be renewed as handsets are upgraded. AT&T promised that the service is in the best interest of subscribers, since it allows those enrolled to upgrade to next-generation smart devices easily.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere, however, disagrees.

In an email sent on Tuesday, July 16 to CNET, he asserted that “[AT&T’s] offer is terrible.” T-Mobile executive Andrew Sherrard explained further:

They’re charging you twice on the same phone and calling that a good deal. As people dig into this, they’ll find it’s a much better deal to go with Jump.

Responding to T-Mobile’s comments, an AT&T representative said: “We’re not taking away anything. We’re just giving people choice by removing the up-front cost and allowing them to upgrade their phone.”

According to CNET, AT&T refused to discuss the direct comparisons between AT&T Next and T-Mobile Jump.

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Source: Associated Press


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