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Chrome 30 to support HiDPI Display

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While Chrome 28 isn’t a spectacular release, there are better and more interesting things coming down the pipeline. Now that said version of the browser is in the stable channel, Chrome 29 will be moving up to the beta channel and build 30 will debut.

This means that Windows users will soon be able to enjoy the web on their high-resolution monitors. Google has been working on enabling support for HiDPI displays.

These are hardly common. The Retina displays on some MacBooks qualify as HiDPI and some high-end monitors and Windows laptops have big enough resolutions to qualify, but very few people own one of them.

Still, hopefully, that will change in the future, and Google wants to get ahead of the trend with the feature. Chrome already supports Retina displays on Mac and Chrome OS.

HiDPI support is not yet ready, not even in Chrome 30, which is only available as a Canary build, but it can be enabled with a run-time flag “–high-dpi-support=1.”

Presumably, a Chrome flag will be added for convenience. But there’s no guarantee that the feature will be enabled by default when build 30 hits the stable channel, a few months from now.

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Source: Associated Press


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