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IE8 on top but IE10 gains speed

Internet-Explorer-10Internet Explorer 10 continues to maintain good growth in browser share by gaining 4.26 percentage points between May and June, while Windows 8 has surpassed Vista’s declining share, pegging in at 5.1 percent of the usage share market.

Looking at the competitive browser market, there has been a surge in alternative “other” browsers between May and June. However, in the named browser game, Internet Explorer 8 remains in the top spot. In a month or two, it’s expected that, thanks to being introduced on Windows 7, Internet Explorer 10 will break through as the most popular-named browser in the usage share space.

Internet Explorer 9 remains in freefall, dropping about 4 percentage points between May and June, while Chrome 26 and Firefox 20 see almost zero share in June due to the automatic browser updating. In effect, it’s not a crash of alternative browsers, rather most users are now on Chrome 27 and Firefox 21 and 22 respectively.



With that, browser usage share shows that Chrome 27 has around 13.7 percent of all users, while Firefox 21 has about 12.5 percent. There is a newer version of Firefox that will likely see the numbers change, but they have yet to be updated on the NetMarketShare pages. Safari takes about 3.3 percent of the usage share, with other browsers take 16.5 percent collectively.

The browser market remains more fragmented and evenly distributed than the operating system market.

That said, Microsoft still owns more than half of the browser space with 53.9 percent usage share across its three major versions of Internet Explorer. This is compared to alternative, non-IE browsers that collectively take 45.8 percent of the usage share.

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Source: Associated Press

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