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Is Photoshop CC pirated already?

psI can’t say I was surprised to read the giddy headline “Adobe Photoshop CC Has Already Been Pirated In Just One Day” this morning. If we’ve learned nothing about humanity through the lens of technology, it’s this: “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

When Adobe first decided to move its entire Creative Suite software suite to the cloud, the haters were the first to complain.

CNET conducted a survey about the sentiment around this move, and participants were defiant: 76 percent said they’d resist the move to the cloud.

Lifehacker’s Adam Dachis was rather bitter about the decision: “We hope to see them at least treat their customers with a little more respect and remove the year-long requirement without an adding cost,” he wrote. Less journalistic folk were simply apopleptic.

The main criticism of Adobe’s move to cloud-based software distribution (but not software-as-a-service, to be clear!) is that the company wants to crack down on piracy.

The truth is that Adobe’s move to cloud-based distribution does effectively crack down on some piracy, but not from a technological perspective, rather, an economic one. (The proverbial carrot, instead of the proverbial stick.) With today’s desktop-based Suite, you need to spend $700 to use the full version of Photoshop. In Creative Cloud, you can start using it for $20 per month, or $240 per year. The bar for entry is much lower.

In other words, Adobe isn’t going to stop the hardcore hacker from pirating its software, even if the company distributes the product from its own servers. But it may provide enough economic incentive for regular people to just pay up.

By lowering the entry price of its software suite and the unit of value that corresponds to it, Adobe has made its flagship software more

Image representing Adobe Systems as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase

accessible to more people in an age when digital media manipulation is more democratic than ever. It’s a smart move that expands its potential customer base. It also may be enough to push piracy back to the fringe.

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Source: Associated Press


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